Features of 3D model

The model is fully ready for printing

All parts are separate and ready for 3D printing
Each part has a STL file 
M16 Full : It means that the model is complete and the parts have been installed, Format files : [ C4D, 3DS, DXF, FBX, STL, OBJ ]
M16 Separate parts : This means the parts are ready and can be printed all at once, Format files : [ C4D, 3DS, DXF, FBX, STL, OBJ ] 
ABCD : This means that all parts are separate and each part I have a STL file, The parts can be printed one by one and if you don't like it you can choose " M16 Separate parts STL " and print all the parts at once, Format files : [ STL]
All parts are ready for printing and there are no problems with any part